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Stockman Bank Announces Match for Lodgepole Complex Fire Relief Fund

Stockman Bank Announces Match for Lodgepole Complex Fire Relief Fund

7/25/2017 1:20:00 PM/Categories: General News, Today's Top 5

Stockman Bank has set up a fire relief fund to assist those affected by the massive Lodgepole Complex fire. Stockman will match all contributions made to the fund up to a total of $10,000. 


The Lodgepole Complex Fire Relief Fund will be used to provide the needed assistance to those stricken by the damage of the fire. Donations to this account will be handled by the Garfield County Fire Foundation.


To donate to the fire relief fund, please stop by any Stockman Bank location or mail to Stockman Bank, c/o Lodgepole Complex Fire Relief Fund, PO Box 80850, Billings, MT 59108. Join us in helping our neighbors in Eastern Montana.


Source: Stockman Bank

 Photo courtesy of Ross Ballard 


4 comments on article "Stockman Bank Announces Match for Lodgepole Complex Fire Relief Fund"


Chuck Trinder

7/25/2017 1:59 PM

Has anyone heard of any Red Cross involvement in the Montana fires?



7/25/2017 5:32 PM

These fires constitute a national emergency . There should be emergency agencies on sight to handle medical ,water, poweraid ,food ect to feed the fire to crews distribution. There are so many fighting these fires, I as well, as others don't mind helping , but isn't unfair to the 600 fire fighters that these donations can't provide such needed supplies to all.


Dixie Fadness

7/25/2017 10:39 PM

I am proud to say I bank at Stockman Bank. Kudos Stockman Bank!!! ♥️


Kay Christensen

7/28/2017 4:03 PM

Way to go Stockman Bank! Those people have lost everything. Thanks for helping our eastern Montana folks! Well done.

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