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Sugar Growers Wrap Up Another Successful Harvest

Sugar Growers Wrap Up Another Successful Harvest

11/5/2018 7:27:00 AM/Categories: Popular Posts, General News, Original, Today's Top 5, Livestock, Grains

Another sugar beet harvest is in the books for Montana and northern Wyoming sugar growers.  

Randall Jobman is Western Sugar’s Vice President of Agriculture, North Region in Billings says despite early weather challenges, growers raised another excellent crop.

“Our growers had a challenging spring, it was extremely wet” said Jobman. “With those conditions we had some delayed planting. The growing season also brought an abnormal amount of hail. So, our yield expectations were less than we had hoped. The Montana crop is going to come in just under 31 tons per acre but have a 17.34 percent sugar content which is higher than expected. And our northern Wyoming crop is going to average 29 tons per acre with an 18.2 percent sugar content. The quality in Wyoming was also excellent and exceeded expectations.”

He says the weather really did play a big factor in this year’s production versus last year.

“This year is going to be about 10 percent less than last year” said Jobman. “We just didn’t get the growing degree units that we typically do. The length of the growing season is important to sugarbeets and because of the late planting we just didn’t have normal growing season factors working for us this year.”

Even though mother nature dished out some early challenges, he says this year’s beautiful fall weather allowed growers to get the beets out of their fields without any major headaches which isn’t always the case.

The sugar beet harvest is also complete for growers along the Lower Yellowstone. Duane Peters with Sidney Sugars says this year’s crop averaged around 31 tons per acre with sugar content near 18 percent.

Source: MTN & Northern Ag Network 


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