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More Beef in 2019

2/6/2019 2:59:00 PM

The final beef production numbers for 2018 will soon be out as USDA data is moving again after the government shutdown and beef production in 2019 is expected to continue growing.

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Increase in U.S. Beef Production Leads to Lower Beef Prices at the Meat Case

12/14/2016 11:00:00 AM
As consumers shop at the meat case this holiday season and into the new year, they'll see lower retail prices on beef, including popular holiday cuts like the tenderloin and rib roast.  >> Read More

Role of International Trade Looms Larger for Cattle and Beef Markets

9/15/2016 3:16:00 PM
Analysts expect decreased beef imports and growing beef exports to play a central role in stabilizing cattle and beef prices in the United States as production expands in the coming years. >> Read More

Move Aside, Beef! Production to be Surpassed by Pork

10/14/2014 8:58:00 AM
With a raise in forecasted pork production, pork is now on pace to surpass beef for the first time since 1952.  >> Read More

USDA Expects Beef Production to Drop in '12 & '13

5/14/2012 3:00:00 AM

U.S. is expected to produce 3.8% less beef in 2012  than 2011.

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Recent Ag News

Enzi: States Deserve a Seat at the Table When Listing Endangered Species

2/15/2019 9:22:00 AM

New legislation by Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi would give states and local entities more of a say when federal agencies are proposing regulations that could have significant ramifications. 

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Coors Light to Host a Toast to Farmers

2/14/2019 10:27:00 AM
The celebration – hashtagged #ToastToFarmers – is a tribute to the men and women who harvest the ingredients that go into Coors Light.  >> Read More
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OPINION: Support the Working Animal Protection Act in Montana

2/14/2019 9:18:00 AM
The Working Animal Protection Act will be heard before Montana's Local Government Interim Committee on Thursday, February 14, 2019. >> Read More
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The Green New Deal: What is it and What Does it Mean for Agriculture?

2/13/2019 8:51:00 AM

Some pretty lofty goals in the Green New Deal, but what exactly are they proposing and how will they work “collaboratively with farmers and ranchers”?

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The Montana "Real Meat Act"

2/12/2019 1:21:00 PM

A bill introduced in the Montana House helps define "cell-cultured proteins."

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