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Commodity Classic 2018 - Brought to you by AgroLiquid

What's in Store for Spring Wheat Planting in 2018?

Friday, March 2, 2018/Categories: General News, Ag Conferences, Videos, Original, People in Ag, Grains, Wheat, National News, Convention Conversations, Commodity Classic 2018

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What's in Store for Spring Wheat Planting in 2018?

Arysta LifeScience has a long and successful history in the cereals market, beginning in 1971 with EVEREST® Herbicide. We now boast a complete line of herbicides, fungicides and seed treatments to help our growers succeed.

During the 2018 Commodity Classic Todd Landman with Ayrsta LifeScience spoke with Northern Ag Network about things producers should think about in preparation for spring wheat planting.

In addition, Todd discussed the new EVEREST® 3.0 is an advanced flucarbazone-sodium formulation (patent pending) with new carrier technology giving you wave after wave of grassy weed domination, with greater stability of the active ingredients for enhanced performance, longer shelf life and unsurpassed ease of use. EVEREST 3.0 provides relentless control of wild oats and broad-spectrum control of hard to kill grass and broadleaf weeds such as green and yellow foxtail, bromes and other hard-to-kill weeds.

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