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What the Hay?! Articles

Breeding Cattle to Stand Their Ground Against Big Cat Predators

A South American charity is working with local ranchers to develop a more aggressive breed of cattle that will defend themselves against jaguars.

The Snow is So Deep that Scientists Don't Have Any Tools to Measure It

One sure sign the Sierra Nevada is experiencing a historic winter is the snowpack is getting too deep for devices scientists use to measure it.

Relax. Talk of an “aporkalypse” is premature

A recent rash of headlines in the media suggesting the nation is facing a bacon shortage are misleading.

Weird Things Cattle Eat and It Is Perfectly OK

Consumers may be surprised to learn that cattle are actually able to eat many things that are actually considered waste and it can be good for the cows and the environment!

UW Research Finds Prairie Dogs Increase Forage Quality, Acknowledges Nuisances

Ranchers have known prairie dogs can reduce rangeland forage by as much as half, but prairie dogs may significantly increase the quality of forage that regrows

National Alfalfa Checkoff Launches on January 1st

The initiative, which is implemented voluntarily by seed brand, will be assessed at the rate of $1 per bag of alfalfa seed.

'Tighty Whities' Soil Demonstration Reveals Soil Health

For the demonstration, mens' white cotton briefs were buried in different soil and then after a set number of days, they were retrieved.  Results were say the least.

Swine Waste to be Converted to Energy at New NC Plant

The plant will use food waste and swine waste, including swine parts and manure, to produce biogas by anaerobic digestion.

Thieves Stealing Wood from Old Corrals for Home Decor Market

A home decor trend appears to be fueling a series of “highway robberies” in the B.C. Interior.

Screwworms Found in Florida After 5 Decades

The New World screwworm has not been seen in the U.S. since the 1960s.