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What the Hay?!

Could “the Martian’s” Scientist Survive on Potatoes Alone?

10/1/2015 2:37:00 PM

Just in case you ever find yourself stranded on Mars, growing potatoes in a lab is a good idea, but bringing along just a few ounces of this plant's seeds would be even better...

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Market Snapshot

Cattle Cash Trend


Live and feeder cattle futures closed significantly higher, supported by short covering and the correction of oversold charts. 
Live Basis
114 - 117
Dressed Basis
182 - 185

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The cattle complex closed with decent progress, rebounding from Friday's sell-off with the help of short-covering and the premium status of the cash market.
Lack of direction in livestock futures developed through the complex Tuesday

Wheat Cash Trend


December wheat was lower in a quiet day of trading

Local 12% Winter
419 - 479
Local 14% Spring
464 - 522

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Northern Livestock Video Auction

5-600 lb. steers
218- 239
6-700 lb. steers
209 - 222
7-800 lb. steers
193 - 203

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