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Montana Hay Report

Billings, MT    Friday Dec. 1, 2017    USDA Market News

Weekly Montana Hay Report



Alfalfa: Supreme:        Small squares, 200.00-250.00

                                                      Large squares, 150.00-155.00

                      Premium:            Large squares, 140.00-155.00 

                                                      Large rounds,  150.00             

                    Good:              Large squares, 140.00-155.00          

                                                        Large rounds,  140.00-160.00

                                                      Small squares, 140.00-150.00

                       Fair:                      Large squares, 120.00-150.00, 

                                                        Large rounds,  120.00-150.00

                                                      Small squares, 130.00

Utility: Large squares, 110.00-120.00


                      Good: Large rounds, 150.00

Fair:                      Large squares, 125.00-130.00

                                                        Large rounds,  125.00

                    Utility:                  Large rounds,  90.00


                      Good:                   Large squares, 140.00

                                                        Large rounds,  130.00

                      Fair:                      Large rounds,  115.00; long haul 100.00

Utility: Large rounds, 105.00                          

Timothy Grass:

    Premium:            Small squares, 210.00-240.00          

Barley Straw

                  Large squares, 43.00-50.00;  long haul 40.00                              

Wheat straw:

South central Montana:   Large squares, 38.00-40.00; long haul 35.00

Wheat Hay: Large rounds, 120.00




Hay prices sold fully steady. Hay market activity this week was slow. Demand for alfalfa hay was mostly light to moderate. Warm conditions continue to be seen across much of the state which has helped curb hay usage. Demand for grass hay and grass/alfalfa hay is moderateto good on steady prices compared to last report. All prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.


Wyoming, West Nebraska, and SW South Dakota Hay Report

Greeley, CO    Thu Dec. 7, 2017    USDA - CO Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Western South Dakota Hay Report

Eastern Wyoming 
   Large Squares: Supreme 200.00 DEL.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Central and Western Wyoming
  Alfalfa/Grass Mix
   Large Squares: Utility 85.00.
  Native Grass
   Large Squares: Good 75.00.
  Forage Oats
   Large Squares: Good 75.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay. 

Western Nebraska
   Large Squares: Good 135.00.
   Ground and Delivered: 135.00.
  Wheat Straw
   Large Squares: Good 60.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Western South Dakota
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.



Compared to last week, prices were mostly steady with demand light in all regions.  Producers indicate movement of hay throughout Wyoming, but little to no movement in South Dakota.  The USDA Wyoming NRCS Monday Morning Snow Report for December 06, 2017 has the Snake River Basin Snow Water Equivalent at 148%, the Madison River basin at 129%, the Yellowstone Basin at 173%, the Wind River Basin at 155%, the Bighorn Basin at 134, the Shoshone River Basin at 180%, the Powder Basin at 130%, the Tongue Basin at 86%, the Belle Fourche Basin at 111%, the Cheyenne Basin at 117%, the Upper North Platte Basin at 87%, the Sweetwater Basin at 109%, the Lower North Platte Basin at 75%, the Laramie Basin at 106%, the South Platte Basin at 96%, the Little Snake River Basin at 79%, the Upper Green Basin at 138%, the Lower Green Basin at 91%, and the Upper Bear Basin at 85% as a percent of the median of all SNOTEL sites in each basin.  According to the United States Drought Monitor, in the High Plains, conditions were very dry this week, and temperatures were well above normal across the entire region.  Moreover, the lack of snow cover and warm temperatures have raised concern in relation to the condition of the winter wheat crop.  All prices dollars per ton FOB stack in large square bales and rounds, unless otherwise noted. Most horse hay sold in small squares. Prices are from the most recent reported sales.