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Montana Hay Report

Billings, MT    Friday May 11, 2018    USDA Market News

Weekly Montana Hay Report


Alfalfa: Supreme:        Small squares, 200.00-250.00

                      Premium:            Large squares, 150.00-175.00

Large rounds, 150.00-170.00

                                                      Small squares,  180.00             

                    Good:              Large squares, 150.00        

                                                        Large rounds,  150.00-165.00

                       Fair:                      Large squares, 130.00-150.00, 

                                                        Large rounds,  150.00

Utility: Large squares, 115.00


Good: Large rounds, 150.00-160.00

Fair:                      Large rounds 150.00-160.00


Good: Large rounds,  145.00-150.00

Fair: Large squares, 110.00

Utility: Large rounds,  100.00

Timothy Grass:

    Premium:            Small squares, 210.00-240.00                             


Compared to last week:  Hay prices sold generally steady with last week. Demand for hay was light to moderate on very light to light supplies. Producers and ranchers are reselling some of the hay they purchased earlier in the year which has increased hay availability. Hay needs in many eastern and southern locations have diminished as some have already turned out for summer grazing. Winter kill continues to be atop many producers’ minds as they till under fields and replant as a result. Central Montana counties are the greatest affected region in the state. No new sells of straw have been reported. All prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.

Wyoming, West Nebraska, and SW South Dakota Hay Report

Greeley, CO    Thu May 17, 2018    USDA - CO Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming and South Dakota Hay Report

Eastern Wyoming 

Alfalfa: Good large square bales 160.00. 
Alfalfa/grass mix: Good large round bales 160.00. 
Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 235.00.  

Central and Western Wyoming

Certified weed seed free alfalfa cubes 230.00-260.00.


Western South Dakota:  


   Alfalfa:  Premium:  Large Rounds, 185.00 Del.

   Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  Good:  Large Rounds, 185.00 Del.

   Grass:  Premium:  Large Rounds, 185.00 Del. 

   Straw:  Large Rounds 130.00 Del.

   Cornstalks:  Large Rounds, 120.00 Del.



Compared to last week of alfalfa hay and hayy pellets sold steady on a thin test.  Demand was very good from local customers and from out of 
state buyers. Some rain across areas of the state with more storms in the forecast the next several days. Limited amount of snow fell in higher 
elevations. Area farmers have been busy planting spring crops.  All prices are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn unless otherwise noted. Prices are from the most recent reported sales. 

South Dakota

Compared to last week:  Very limited reported sales of hay and bedding materials this week, bulk of the reported prices are from last week. All hay and bedding materials continue to sell steady to higher, with limited avaiable supplies.  Demand is good to very good, with good interest especially from West River and the western neighboring states. Hay producers are mostly sold out for the year, or have decided to hold onto whatever stocks they may have available until after 1st cutting is started.  Much of the state has received moisture to some degree, with totals varying, bringing spring planting to a halt.  The Drought Monitor released on May 10th, has just over 41 percent of the state in Abnormally Dry to Moderate Drought conditions with the bulk of the counties affected west of the river or in the very northern tier of counties.   All hay and straw sold by the ton FOB, unless otherwise noted.