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Montana Hay Report

Billings, MT    Friday Jan. 11, 2019    USDA Market News

Weekly Montana Hay Report


Alfalfa: Supreme: Small squares, 200.00-250.00

Large squares, 150.00

Large rounds, 110.00

Premium: Small squares, 200.00

Good: Large squares, 115.00-130.00

Large rounds, 110.00-120.00

Fair/Good:        Large squares, 90.00-120.00

Large rounds, 80.00-100.00

Small squares, 125.00-140.00

Utility: Large rounds, 75.00-80.00

Large squares, 70.00-90.00



Good:         Small squares, 180.00


Large squares, 125.00

Fair: Large squares, 110.00-115.00

Large rounds, 90.00-100.00 

Small squares, 120.00-130.00  

Utility: Large squares, 70.00-90.00


Grass: Premium: Small squares, 200.00

Good: Small squares, 185.00

Large rounds, 110.00-120.00

Fair: Large squares, 125.00

Large rounds, 90.00-100.00

Small squares, 130.00

Utility: Large rounds, 70.00

Timothy Grass:

    Premium:            Small squares, 225.00-240.00

Good: Small squares, 160.00-180.00

Barley Straw:

Large squares, 40.00-50.00

Large rounds, 40.00-50.00

Wheat Straw:

South central: Large squares, 35.00-40.00          

Northern: Large squares, 35.00-40.00                 



Compared to last week: Alfalfa hay sold steady to firm. Demand improved this week as buyers from western states started to look for hay in Montana, particularly in western Montana. Square bale supplies in Idaho and other western states are running low and buyers are looking east in order to secure supplies. Most of the uptick in demand was limited to western Montana, while eastern  Montana saw demand mostly unchanged. Grass hay supplies remain very large with especially heavy supplies of lower quality hay. Winter continues to be very mild and mostly open. This has helped continue to curb demand for hay from in state ranchers. While hay supplies remain large many seem concerned about the lack of moisture  seen this winter. Many ranchers seem willing to sit on the supplies they have in case of a drought. Straw saw some increased sales this past week as ranchers gear up for calving, however many have secured  supplies earlier in the year so demand for straw is mostly light. All prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.

Wyoming, West Nebraska, and SW South Dakota Hay Report

Torrington, WY    Thu Jan. 10, 2018    USDA - WY Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming and South Dakota Hay Report

Eastern Wyoming 
Alfalfa: Good large squares 155.00-160.00. 
      Good large rounds 140.00-145.00. 
Cornstalk bales in large squares 60.00-80.00.  
Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 240.00. 
Central and Western Wyoming
Alfalfa: Premium large squares 150.00; 
      Fair large squares 130.00-150.00. 
      Premium small squares 200.00-225.00. 
Alfalfa/Orchard Grass: Premium large squares 150.00-190.00; 
      Premium small squares 225.00. 
Orchard grass: Good large squares 140.00; 
 Premium small squares 200.00-225.00. 
Certified weed seed free alfalfa cubes bulk 230.00-240.00, bagged 280.00.

Western South Dakota:  

Alfalfa:  No Reported Sales.

   Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  No Reported Sales.

   Grass:  No Reported Sales.
   Straw:  No Reported Sales.



Compared to last week all reported forages sold steady. Buyer inquiry was moderate to good mostly from out of state buyers. Bulk of the hay is exported out of the state with a lot of the small squares going back to the Eastern states of the U.S.A. to horse owners and operators of smaller livestock operations. Some areas of the state have been cold with some snow and other areas have been dry and seasonal temperatures prevailing. Most areas have reported decent snowpack. Hoping that the accumulation will have enough runoff to fill irrigation holding ponds for summer use.  All prices are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn unless otherwise noted. 


South Dakota

Compared to last week:  Alfalfa and grass steady on all grades.  This marks the largest volume of hay moved in two weeks. Good to very good
demand for hay with two recent snow storms lead directly into above average warm winter weather.  This weather trend meant that transportation of hay was greatly improved from the past few weeks.  Many cattle yards are less enthusiastic of above freezing temperatures which will lead to declining feedyard conditions.  Weather outlook for the next week is expected to warmer than average which will affect bedding demand.  All hay and straw sold by the ton FOB, unless otherwise noted.