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Choice Fed Steers - 2/23Unch120 - 125
  Trend week of 2/23UnchTop of 125
Dressed Basis  - 2/22
Steady to +4196 - 200
   Trend week of 2/22 Unch Top of  200
Boxed Beef Cutout +1.66196.19
125 loads
Thu PM


Western Cornbelt-0.9572.88
Iowa Lean Average-1.54


Wed PM


Finished Lambs (Sioux Falls 2/15)Steady 129 - 142
60-70 lb Feeder(Sioux Falls 2/15)Steady
186 - 235
Sl. Ewes (Sioux Falls 2/15)Higher76 - 88
60-90 lb Sl. Kids (Sioux Falls 2/15)Steady215 - 225

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Market Commentary

Market Commentary from the Northern Ag Network:

 2/23/2017  3:00 PM

DTN reports:  

With spot February leading the charge, live issues closed 5 to 177 higher. Actually, buying interest was rather modest once you looked past the lead contract (i.e., set to expire next Tuesday and still several dollars below the most recent feedlot sales). The size of the April discount to both February and cash seems unusually large. Beef cut-outs: significantly higher, up $1.66 (choice, $196.19) to $2.02 (select, $192.83) with moderate demand and light to moderate offerings (72 loads of choice cuts, 16 loads of select cuts, 10 loads of trimmings, 27 loads of coarse grinds).

Feeder futures settled narrowly mixed, from 27 higher to 37 lower. The simple fact that deferred live contracts seem oblivious to the bullish performance of feedlot cash is keeping this market in a very defensive frame of mind. CME cash feeder index: 02/22: $127.41, up $0.29.

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