Saturday, January 22, 2022

Annual Grass Control In Rangeland

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We will be discussing the impacts of invasive winter annual grasses and how they compete in native rangeland ecosystems. Then, we will look at the new herbicide, Esplanade which can be used to give multiple years control of cheatgrass, Japanese brome, Ventenata and Medusahead. There are millions of acres of cheatgrass in Montana and cheatgrass alone, can reduce forage production by 75-90% on private ranches throughout the region. Managing invasive winter annual grasses can triple stocking rates on your rangelands and usually breakeven within two years after application. Cheatgrass seeds can last 4-5 years in soils and Esplanade is giving 3 plus years of control from one application of 5 ounces of Esplanade per acre. There is a huge payback to restoring native rangeland by ridding cheatgrass and releasing nutrients and soil moisture to increase forage production by up to 3 times. We will discuss forage responses from treated rangelands in Montana and convert the grass increases to dollars based on the going rate for leased private grazed rangelands.


The event is finished.


Mar 05 2019


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm




Custer Public School
304 4th Ave


Rosebud County Weed

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