MWBC Gives MT Crop Outlook to Japanese Millers

by Brett McRae

Recently, Montana Wheat and Barley Committee Executive Director Kent Kupfner was invited by US Wheat Associates to travel to Japan to meet customers and discuss the outlook for Montana Wheat production.

Japan is an extremely consistent and reliable customer and is the fourth largest overall buyer of US wheat. Japanese business is extremely important for the Montana wheat industry. Approximately 90 percent of Japan’s hard red winter wheat imports originate in Montana and Japan annually purchases between one third and one half of Montana’s crop.

Highlights of the trip included a Montana Wheat and Barley presentation about Montana’s 2024 production outlook for 130-plus Japanese flour milling industry representatives followed by a meet and greet luncheon. MWBC also met with the Japanese Flour Miller’s Association which offered the opportunity to thank them for their business. MWBC had individual meetings with each of the top four flour milling companies: Nisshin, Nippn, Nito Fuji and Showa Sangyo. Their cumulative business represents 80 percent of the entire Japanese demand.


MWBC Newsletter, MWBC Executive Director Kent Kupfner  

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