$5 Billion Cuts Proposed to Farm, Food Aid


The following article is from DesMoinesRegister.com:

House Republicans are making the first bid as battles over the federal budget deficit heat up this week. President Barack Obama releases his 2012 budget  on Monday.

But Republicans have released plans to slash spending for the current spending year by $61 billion below the 2010 spending level and $100 billon below what the president had requested for fiscal 2011.

Those cuts include $5.2 billion in reductions from 2010 levels at the Agriculture Department and the Food and Drug Administration. Some of the biggest cuts would be in domestic and international feeding programs. But the proposals also would also reduce spending for conservation, rural development and loans to farmers.

CLICK HERE to read the remainder of the article and see the summary of proposed cuts.

Source:  DesMoinesRegister.com

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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