Montana Hay Report

Billings, MT Friday, May 22, 2020 USDA Market News

Weekly Montana Hay Report
Alfalfa:Supreme:Large squares, 180.00
Good:Large squares, 130.00 - 150.00
Large rounds, 100.00-120.00
Fair/Good:Large rounds, 90.00-100.00; old crop 60.00-80.00
Large squares, 115.00-120.00
Utility:Large rounds, 50.00-70.00
Large squares, 60.00-115.00
Grass/Alfalfa:Good:Large squares, 130.00-135.00
Fair:Large rounds, 85.00-120.00
Large squares, 100.00-125.00
UtilityLarge squares, 90.00
Large rounds, 70.00 - 80.00
Grass:Good:Large rounds, 85.00-110.00
Large squares, 125.00
Fair:Large squares, 90.00-125.00
Large rounds, 70.00-85.00
Utility:Large rounds, 65.00-75.00
Timothy Grass:Premium:Small squares, 210.00-240.00
Good:Small squares, 150.00-180.00
Barley Hay:Large rounds, 40.00-55.00

Compared to the last week: Alfalfa and Mixed hay sold fully steady on very light movement. Many ranchers have turned out cows for the summer and demand as a result is very light. Producers seem content with holding on to hay supplies as abnormally dry conditions continue. Rain continues to be light and spotty across much of the southern tier of the state. According to the drought monitor as 35.4% of the state is abnormally dry, a 2.58% increase from last week. All prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.

Wyoming, West Nebraska, and South Dakota Hay Report

Torrington, WY Thu May 28, 2020 USDA - WY Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming and South Dakota Hay Report
Eastern Wyoming
AlfalfaGoodLarge squares 135.00-150.00
Sun-cured Alfalfa pellets 15% protein255.00
Central and Western Wyoming
AlfalfaPremiumSmall squares 170.00-190.00
Alfalfa/Orchard grassPremiumSmall squares 170.00-185.00
Certified weed seed free alfalfa cubesBulk 260.00
South Dakota
Alfalfa:PremiumLarge squares, 200.00
FairLarge rounds, 115.00
Alfalfa/Grass Mix:FairLarge rounds, 100.00 per bale
Grass:GoodLarge rounds, 95.00
Oat Hay:Large rounds, 100.00
Western Nebraska
Alfalfa:GoodLarge squares, 135.00-150.00
Large rounds, 120.00


Compared to last week baled hay, alfalfa cubes and sun-cured pellets steady on a light test. Some areas in the East and West have been irrigating this past week with more dry areas popping up each week. Some producers that own cattle have stopped selling hay as they are going to keep it just in case it continues to be abnormally dry this year. Forage growth in the upcoming days. Some areas of Wyoming are in the abnormally dry category by the US drought monitor. “All prices are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn unless otherwise noted.”

Western Nebraska

Compared to last week, all reported forages sold steady. Demand was moderate for alfalfa and ground hay going to feedlots. Most alfalfa producers are hoping they can start cutting alfalfa in the very near future. However, there has been a few fields cut in the eastern side of the state that will be made into pellets. Light rain across some of the reporting areas this week. Per NASS, crop corn planted was 91 percent, well ahead of 63 last year, and ahead of 78 for the five-year average. Emerged was 54 percent, well ahead of 22 last year, and ahead of 39 average. Soybeans planted was 78 percent, well ahead of 34 last year and 42 average. Emerged was 29 percent, well ahead of 5 last year and 8 average. Oats planted was 92 percent, near 88 last year and 94 average. Emerged was 82 percent, well ahead of 62 last year, but near 84 average. Note: “All sales are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn, unless otherwise noted.”

South Dakota

Compared to last week: Steady and grass hay steady. Good demand for grinding quality alfalfa to use in feedyard rations as distillers grains have become harder to find, light demand for the really low quality grass that remains pretty abundant. With new crop hay a few weeks away hay users are not chasing the market. Warm, spring weather has returned to the area after last week’s much cooler temps. Rain forecast for the weekend with more sunshine next week helping the growth of forage. Area hay auctions continue to see large offerings of lower quality hay. All hay and straw sold by the ton FOB, unless otherwise noted.