Montana Hay Report

Billings, MT Friday, Jan. 22, 2021 USDA Market News

Weekly Montana Hay Report
Alfalfa:Premium:Small squares, 225.00
Good:Large squares, 150.00
Fair/Good:Large squares, 125.00 - 140.00
Utility/Fair:Large squares, 110.00 - 125.00
StrawBarley:Large squares, 40.00

Compared to the last week: Hay sold unevenly steady. Hay has developed a two tier market as hay south of I-90 remains steady to firm while hay in northern and central parts of the state is weak. Many Northern producers are worried about mild weather and how it has curbed feeding needs and have lowered prices slightly as a result. However, dry weather has been the story over the last few weeks as dry conditions continue to grip the state. Many producers are worried drought conditions are worsening and are holding on to supplies. Hay continues to deliver into Northern and central Wyoming for 175.00-210.00 delivered. Currently 34.61% of the state is in Moderate drought or worse, nearly unchanged since last week. According to the drought monitor 81.26% of the state is Abnormally dry.


Wyoming Hay Report

Torrington, WY Thu Jan. 21, 2021 USDA - WY Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming Hay Report
Eastern Wyoming
AlfalfaSun-cured Pellets 15%280.00
Good:Large squares, 170.00-180.00
Central and Western Wyoming
AlfalfaPremiumSmall squares, 210.00 - 225.00
FairLarge squares, 140.00
Alfalfa/Orchard MixPremiumSmall squares, 200.00-220.00
TimothyPremiumSmall squares, 300.00

Compared to last week all reported forages sold steady. Demand was good with several people looking to procure hay within the state and out of state. Dry weather pattern continues across the reporting areas. Per NRCS: Wyoming’s snowpack/snow water equivalents is 77% of the median with basin high of 100% in Yellowstone and basin low of 15% in South Platte. In 2020 state median was at 110% and 89% in 2019.