Pulse Market Prices

Pulse Market Prices, Tue. May 21, 2019
North Dakota/Montana
Green Peas8.33 - 9.17
Yellow Peas 8.17 - 8.75
Lentils 12.00 - 13.25
Chickpeas14.00 - 20.00

Compared to a week ago: Trading activity was slow with very light demand. Contract product is moving steady. According to the NASS Crop Progress report May 20, 2019, Idaho has Dry Edible Peas planted at 92% and Washington has 78% planted and 77% for Montana and 63% for North Dakota. North Dakota has Dry Edible Beans planted at 23% and Montana has 55% and Wyoming at 12% and Colorado has 2% and Minnesota has 14% and Idaho has 54% and Washington has 48%. Mexican peso per US dollar exchange rate is 19.0315.

*prices reported on a cwt basis
*chickpea price range depends on size/cwt

Source: USDA Weekly Bean, Pea and Lentil Market Review