Pulse Market Prices

Pulse Market Prices, Tue. Sept. 29, 2020
North Dakota/Montana
Green Peas-0.50 to 0.753.75 - 5.00 (per bushel)
Yellow Peas+0.50 to 0.754.50 - 5.50 (per bushel)
Lentils-0.75 to +1.5016.00 - 18.50

Compared to last week: Contracted product is moving steady. According to the Crop Progress Report September 27, 2020, Washington has 95% of dry edible peas harvested. Montana has 92% and Nebraska has 75% and North Dakota has 74% and Wyoming has 66% and Minnesota has 71% and Idaho has 82% and Washington has 95% and Michigan has 37% of dry edible beans harvested.

*prices reported on a cwt basis unless otherwise noted
*chickpea price range depends on size/cwt

Source: USDA Weekly Bean, Pea and Lentil Market Review