50 Years of NILE: Equine Salute


Billings, MT–There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of man. Anyone who has been around a horse has probably had a captivating experience. There's something amazing about an animal with so much power can also be so delicately docile. Every month the NILE is saluting a group that makes the NILE all that it is. As we work to preserve and embrace the Western way of life we salute the many facets of the horse industry. What would the West be without the influence of a horse?

Think of the thousand plus pound animal that somehow knows the when a little girl is on it's back. The good horse somehow intuitively knows how to be gentle and take care of it's precious rider. How many young kids shimmied up a good old horse and gained innumerable confidence from riding? These gentle giants teach life long lessons that can't be replicated.

Remember witnessing the incredible raw power of a bronc jumping out of the chute. The energy and determination sends out a kind of energy that can't be captured. The bucking horse's fierceness suggests that they'll never be tamed. A romantic notion that speaks to a small piece of everyone. There's a beauty to being wild and free and the horse reminds us of that feeling.

The partnership between horses and humans has been around for thousands of years. Connecting with a horse is an incredible experience. The capability to perform a variety of tasks proves the flexibility of the horse. Athletic in some cases is an understatement. Watching a cutting horse switch directions so rapidly and get so low to the ground is just one example of the quickness these animals have. Trotting up and down hills checking pastures from sun up to sundown just skims the endurance ability of horses. The versatility of horses makes them appealing to many people. Although differences in breeds and disciplines exist the common love for equine is strong. 

The NILE events utilize horses in the spotlight and behind the scenes. There's an entire department dedicated to NILE horse events. These events put horses in the spotlight. These horses perform at top levels showing off athleticism and carefully curated breeding. Behind the scenes and back at the ranch is where the true value of horses lays. 

Huge thank you to all involved with the NILE Horse Department; the raffle filly donors, judges, horse committee, volunteers, exhibitors, and consignors. Thank you for the faith in our programs, dedication to our success, countless hours volunteered and wealth of knowledge shared to develop the successful NILE Gold Buckle Horse events.

The partnership with many associations is invaluable. Without the cooperation and collaboration of these other organizations NILE wouldn't be possible. We salute the AQHA, MQHA, NRCHA, CMRCHA, APHA, ApHC, and many more. Thank you to all the producers, exhibitors, and enthusiasts, we salute you!

                                                                     NILE SALUTES

“Over the next twelve months, the NILE will salute the many partners who have aided in the success of this organization. Without a doubt, the success and longevity of this organization is attributed to the hard work and efforts of our many supporters. Those involved with farming and ranching are tied together with common values of hard work, and are grateful for the blessings that the land and the industry provide us all. The NILE embraces this spirit of gratitude. Many thanks to all of our partners over the past 50 years that have supported, and continue to support, the NILE.”  –Jason Euell, NILE President 2016-2017. 

Picture: The NILE

                                                                      NILE 2017

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