Ag Community Expresses Frustration with Miss Montana USA’s Comments


Farmers and ranchers from Montana and across the country shook their heads when Miss Montana USA shared some very anti-animal agriculture information on her Instagram story this week.

Merissa Underwood, the current Miss Montana USA, shared the posts below calling animal agriculture the most destructive industry facing the planet.


Obviously, it did not take long before ranchers, farmers and informed consumers started sharing the information on social media, expressing their dismay. Many wondered how a person representing Montana on a national platform would attack the state’s number 1 industry with skewed information.

Turning it into a more positive story, many producers took it as an opportunity to have a conversation about agriculture. Rather than spew anger and vitriol, a lot of producers on social media responded as respectfully as they could and tried to provide facts to let Miss Underwood know where her information was incorrect.

Perhaps the best response of all came from the Montana Stockgrowers Association. In an open letter to Miss Underwood, the association expressed their disappointment in the misleading information that was shared and presented some facts about what the beef industry actually does.

Check out what they said below:


A couple of important facts to note here. Miss Montana USA is not the same as Miss Montana. These are two different organizations with two different ladies representing the state.

Miss Montana has been around since 1921 and is part of the larger Miss America organization, based in Sewell, New Jersey, which is the largest provider of scholarships to young women.

Miss Montana USA is an affiliate of the Miss Universe Program, operated from New York, New York. Northern Ag Network has reached out to Miss Montana USA organization for comment and they are planning to get back to us next week. When we hear back, we’ll share what we learn.

This is not the first time that a public figure has taken an extreme stance against agriculture. It’s important that we respond in a respectful manner and try to provide accurate information for their edification. Thankfully, we have great organizations like the Montana Stockgrowers to represent producers in such a positive light. Hopefully, Miss Underwood will take them up on their offer to see a real Montana ranch.



Northern Ag Network/Montana Stockgrowers Association

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Silvia Metzger

This is unbelievable coming from a representative to our state of Montana!!! I am not a rancher, but I run a business that depends on the ranchers and their cattle. I hope this young lady takes your offer and goes on a tour of a ranch and learns more about the agriculture in Montana!!! Thank you Ranchers!!!!

Debra Smith

What a horrible lie to represent our state in this manner! You have absolutely NO truth in ANY of the propaganda you are spewing and no business representing Montana which is PROUDLY a rural state dependent on farmers and ranchers!!
You are obviously very ignorant of reality, and should be removed as our state’s representative immediately!

Rose Stone

She’s actually not even from MT..she is a spoiled brat from LA..her rich daddy is a doctor who has a vacation home in MT that she used for residency. She competed and lost 3 times in CA. Her competitive horse shows have all been in CA. She currently lives and goes to college in CA.. a total fraud who should have that crown taken from her and given to a true Montana girl who will represent out values. It reminds me of the college admission scandal…these greedy people will lie, cheat and steal without a care to those truly deserving.

Richard VanCampen

Thank you farmers and ranchers!! You folks do a tremendous service to all of Montana and the great citizens. This young lady should have taken a few classes through the FFA program and she would realize that everything she wears or eats comes from the land, our natural resources. Like the letter stated, it is a cyclic system. God bless all of those who produce the fine food products that is available for our consumption!!


It’s so crazy to see rural Montana turn into fourth grade bullies towards a young woman like this. I am embarrassed for our State. Once this hits national news, who do you think is going to look like the bullies here? Not her. She is rising above this graciously and with poise.

Kris Pierson

C. Johnson, on the contrary. She made inaccurate statements and she was corrected. That’s not bullying. It’s educating. There is a difference.

C Johnson

Actually, there are people telling her she deserves domestic violence for being a vegan in Montana, people are calling her gay, they are trolling her personal accounts and they are acting like children. It’s disgusting.


Did you read the article? Nowhere did the Montana Stockgrowers Association threaten or bully her. They intelligently and kindly showed where she is misguided and wrong. People who are threatening violence against her are most definitely wrong but should not be grouped in with the likes of Montana Stockgrowers Association.

kinzea l thompson

Well stated sir! Evidently it is part of the cultural Marxists master plan to discourage any correction of your people as they are the primary recipients of the eco brainwashing than thinks a nation raising its own food is a bad thing.

Gina Stevens

Excellent reply Montana Stockgrowers


Might want to consider taking her to Ted Turner’s ranch. Seems his ranch is like going back in time before the near annihilation of the Buffalo for their hides.

Lyle Meeks

The “Pageant” judges are international beauty industry representatives who are obviously prone to choosing a “winner” who promotes their ideology. Hollywood types like folks who think like them. Miss Montana USA has relatives who own property in Bozeman (thus her “Bridger Creek” address. Tax bills for this property go to California. This title is nothing more than a kick starter to commercial success. Montana means nothing to her.


What do you expect? You paid for her education but you didn’t control what she was taught.

Gerald Cuvillier

I have been around cattle and horses all of my life. I have never heard a cow fart. I have heard a horse fart. Maybe we should kill all of the horses now.

Chris Kolstad

How can you represent Montana and bad mouth their number 1 industry.

Ozirah Reina

Extreme isn’t veganism! Extreme is taking the life of others unnecessarily! Montana this is what vegan discrimination looks like! I cannot wait to see your disgusting industry flake off the map for good! Your time is up!


<a href="">MTPR</a&gt; has some really good resources here:

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