Agriculture Officials On Lookout For Illegal Wild Horse Feedings


by Paul Harris


Nevada passed a law making it a gross misdemeanor and a possible $2,000 fine to feed estray and feral horses. It is a law wild horse advocates agree with

“If they can get a situation where they can get their meals delivered to them on a platter then they are going to take that one instead of going about the natural order of things and surviving in their natural habitat,” said Shirley Allen, wild horse advocate.

The NDA estimates about 1,950 wild horses are in the Virginia Range and the range can only naturally sustain roughly 600 horses. Many options are being looked at to solve the problem, like a fertility management program with a million dollar price tag. However, right now, the NDA is letting nature take its course.

“They are feral horses and they are supposed to be wild and free,” Miller said. “In order to be able to fit in that definition they have to be wild and free on the range.”





Source:  KOLO8



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