American Agri-Women Awards Champion of Agriculture to Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon


Washington, DC (AgPR) June 15, 2016  The American Agri-Women (AAW) “Champion of Agriculture” award was awarded to Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon’s 2nd district at the AAW Legislative Fly-In last week at its Congressional Reception. This award recognizes members of Congress who have displayed exemplary courage in presenting and supporting legislation that promotes American agriculture, rural American lifestyles, and the United States Constitution. The “Champion of Agriculture” award is a bi-partisan award open to both houses and both parties.

(L-R) Oregon Women for Agriculture president Debbie Crocker, OWA secretary Emily Duerst, member Emily Crocker, AAW president Doris Mold, Rep. Greg Walden, OWA treasurer Tracy Duerst, and AAW secretary and OWA member Arlene Kovash


Rep. Walden was nominated by Oregon Women for Agriculture (OWA). He has served as representative since 1999. Rep. Walden’s district is the largest in the state and among the ten largest districts in the nation. In 2015, the whole nation became more familiar with his district’s agriculture and rural communities because of port issues, forest fires, the sage grouse listing, the Hammond family arrests, the Owyhee Monument proposal and the Malheur County occupation.


Rep Walden has often been referred to as an advocate for agriculture but with these issues on the table he truly has been able to prove it this past year. For a sample of his thoughts and passion for his district watch this video of his 24 minute address to the US House January 5, 2016 in response to events in Malheur County, Oregon. 


In their nomination of Walden, Eastern Oregon Women for Agriculture president Josie Miles said, “Many of these issues are ongoing and many battles are just starting to be fought but we are lucky to have Rep. Walden in our corner.” AAW Secretary and OWA member Arlene Kovash added, “Whenever Oregon ag has spoken out for help, Walden has been there. Greg grew up on an orchard in The Dalles so he knows first-hand what it means to be in agriculture and it is obvious that ag has a special place in his heart.”

Source:   American Agri-Women

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