American Wool Council to Meet in Montana


Northern Ag Network Note:  After the Wool Council meetings conclude in Bozeman, the National Targhee Sheep Association will have their 2012 National Show and Sale in Columbus.  CLICK HERE for more details.

The following is a press release from the Montana Wool Growers Association:

Today, the Montana Wool Growers Association reported that the American Wool Council will be holding this week its upcoming meeting in Montana.  The American Wool Council is a division of the American Sheep Industry.  The Wool Council works to improve the American wool industry and works to promote usage of American wool – both in domestic and international and domestic market. 

The American Wool Council is a 14-member body that, among its more important duties, is tasked with overseeing wool promotion activities made possible by the national Wool Trust Fund.  The objective of the Wool Trust program is to assist Montana wool producers, among others, in improving the quality of wool produced in the United States and to assist Montana wool producers in the development of wool products that can marketed and sold.

The Wool Council meetings will be taking place on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman.  Montana State University is the home of one of three wool labs located within the United States and the employees of the wool lab provide critical research and support services to Montana’s wool producers.  The Wool Council meetings are being sponsored, in part, by the Montana Wool Growers and the Center of the Nation Wool Inc.

While in Montana, the Wool Council members will meet with the Sweet Grass County Wool Marketing Association in Big Timber, will visit MSU’s Fort Ellis Research Farm, tour the MSU RFI sheep barn, meet with Montana’s elected officials, and have dinner with MSU President Cruzado, among others.  In addition, the wool council members will meet with military officials to discuss continuing the beneficial relationship that has been established between America’s military and America’s wool producers.  The military is the number one purchaser of American wool products.

“We are very honored and fortunate to host the Wool Council meetings” said Montana Wool Growers President Randy Tunby of Baker.  Montana is one of the top producing wool states in the nation and we have a top-notch wool research facility and supporting staff.  I am pleased that we were able to convince the Wool Council to hold their meeting here in the Treasure State so that we have the opportunity to show off the quality of wool products and wool producers Montana sports,” said Tunby.  

The Wool Council meetings will be taking place from July 10-12th.  Most of the meetings will transpire at the MSU Animal Science Building and dinners will consist, as would be expected, of lamb courses.

The Montana Wool Growers Association is the oldest agriculture organization in Montana and its members are on the forefront of providing value added and innovative wool products.  In the United States, wool producers provide about 18 jobs for every 1000 sheep they raise.  Job production and the benefit the US wool industry provides to retailers, fashion designers, and the military is a story that the Wool Growers hopes gets communicated during this week’s wool council meetings.

Source:  Montana Wool Growers Association

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