An Open Letter to Buyers, Producers, Reps and Brokers about the ELD Mandate


An Open Letter to Buyers, Producers, Reps and Brokers.


Over the last 5 years the transportation world has lobbied and protested a mandate that will turn the trucking world as we know it upside down. 

We are now down to 32 days left of the freedom and sensibility that has kept our world turning. On December 18th we are finally in control, but not in the way any of us wished it. 

For the Reps and Brokers, your days of putting in 4 hours of work in the morning and going on to do your own thing the rest of the day are gone. Your days will now be filled with bouncing back and forth shuffling trucks to their load destinations as their time allows, rather than convoys and gone. 

For Buyers and Producers, your cost just went up for we will no longer arrive at the given time and wait for you to be ready for free. If I was in charge there would be a $200 per hour surcharge for you to get your things in order, which you should have had done the day prior. 

We’ve voiced ourselves for years to deaf ears. 

Myself and 90{a169222e5c003bec48f63dd57bc39383f42c8e994ade26e015ce9d78e5f0b614} of the rest of us in the ag related world have been working 18+ hour days since we were able . 

We don’t know how to work any other way. 

You’ve failed us and didn’t take a stand for us when we needed you the most and for that we all must pay the price. 

One problem with the hours of service rules is that someone behind a desk came up with them. Someone that has never even seen a dashboard with more than 6 gauges, let alone could tell you what a Johnny bar is. 

In just 32 days we  lose the power to do what we think is best for us and those around us. 



Logan Yost


Logan grew up in Nebraska and likes to say he “gypsied around” until he found himself in Big Sky Country. He has been trucking for seven years and knows that once trucking is in your blood it is hard to stray. 

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