Analysts Expect Cattle to Post High in 2013


The last month has brought our crew to several gatherings with ranchers that are literally in awe of the cattle market.  And while they can’t hide the smirk, their realistic nature has them asking about when the markets might start to come back down.  In answer to that question, the analysts at Pro Farmer say that they “expect the cattle cycle to post its high in 2013.”  (Read full article HERE.)

So what about prices for this year?  They report that David Anderson, Texas AgriLife Extension livestock economist, projects target prices for 600-lb. steers in 2012:

First quarter:  $131-138/cwt.

Second quarter:  $136-144/cwt.

Third quarter:  $137-147/cwt.

Fourth quarter:  $133-144/cwt.

And as we talk about heifer retention and expanding your herd, Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist with the North Dakota Extension Service, tackled the topic recently in an article called “The Uphill Battle of Expanding the Cow Business.”  READ IT HERE.


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Haylie Shipp


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