ANCW Membership Approves New Logo


The American National CattleWomen, Inc., is proud to unveil its new logo, designed to represent the past, present, and future of ANCW.

“Since taking on the logo project, it was clear to me the organization was looking for something that combined the traditions of our history, with a modern outlook of our future endeavors. The previous logo, as it was, only symbolized our past, not our future,” said Cheyenne Sparks of Oklahoma.

The new logo itself has the time-honored cowbell, ghosted in the background, respecting the roots of the organization and acknowledging those local and state groups who continue to use Cowbelle as part of their name. However, in reference to the present and future of ANCW, the shape of the cowbell was modernized.

The traditional burgundy color also remains as its bold shade makes the letters “ANCW” stand out. The letters are bigger and more prominent on the new design.

“The ANCW letters on the logo are bold and strong, much like the CattleWomen who are propelling this organization into the future,” Sparks said.

The organization will continue to be known as the American National CattleWomen, Inc. and it is written out in smaller text on the new logo. However, using the acronym was found to be more appealing to younger generations.

The idea for a new logo began two years ago when ANCW leadership thought a more modern design was needed. Penny Zimmerman, ANCW president, said “The message was clear – members wanted to be involved in the design. They were not willing to give up the bell in the logo which signifies the journey the organization took from Cowbelle to CattleWomen.”

Membership has been involved in this logo design since its inception. After the 2016 annual membership meeting, a committee was developed to ensure CattleWomen were involved in the new design. Sparks was asked to chair this project.

Jodi Bishop-Jordan directed the committee to Tyler Clarke, vice president of business development of Advantage Agri-Marketing Services located in Lexington, Ky. Tyler graciously accepted ANCW’s offer to be an in-kind partner, essentially a sponsor of ANCW similar to the organization’s other generous sponsors. The client list of Advantage Agri-Marketing Services includes names many will recognize: RFD-TV, BEEF Magazine, Livestock Marketing Association, and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, among others.

Sparks and Zimmerman took comments from the 2016 annual meeting to work with Clarke to create an initial proposal. This proposal was sent to membership via an online survey, which was met with great response.

“Those responses gave us the further direction we needed to make the logo exactly as the membership wanted,” noted Sparks. Two more revisions were then sent to members via the e-newsletter and the feedback was used “to mold the logo into the best possible representation of ANCW.”

The final logo, presented to membership at the 2017 Annual Convention and passed with an overwhelming majority vote. It was launched on March 1, 2017 on all ANCW platforms.

“While Penny and I worked with Tyler to have the logo designed, the idea behind it and the final draft was actually created by the membership. It was a long process that was well worth the time. We are thankful for the involvement of each and every member and look forward to seeing the logo in action,” added Sparks.

Source: ANCW

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