Animal Agriculture Alliance Drops Bank of America


The Animal Agriculture Alliance has decided to end its relationship with Bank of America after 25 years because of the bank’s public support of the Humane Society of the United States.

The Alliance says it cannot continue a business relationship with companies that are contributing financially to extreme animal rights organizations that seek to eliminate the animal agriculture industry.

The Alliance reached out to the bank last month in hopes it would discontinue its HSUS affinity card program.

In a phone conversation with Alliance CEO Kay Johnson Smith – Bank of America’s Agribusiness Executive emphasized that the program with HSUS was not new.

He recognized the statistic that HSUS spends a great deal of money on legislative and legal attacks against farmers and ranchers while spending less than one-percent on direct animal care – but said people believe HSUS helps animals and enjoy having a card with cats and dogs on it.

Source: NAFB News Service

Posted by Russell Nemetz

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