Anthrax Kills Two Cows In South Dakota


PIERRE, S.D. -South Dakota's state veterinarian says animal anthrax has killed two young cows in Stanley County.
Dr. Dustin Oedekoven tells The Mitchell Daily Republic that the 11-month old replacement heifers died suddenly last week. Laboratory testing has confirmed the cause of death to be anthrax.
South Dakota ranchers see a few cases of animal anthrax each year. The disease causes death in livestock quickly and without warning.
This group of replacement heifers was not vaccinated but the rest of the herd has a good vaccination history.
Typically, the only risk for humans from the disease in the U.S. comes from indirectly handling carcasses or fluids from affected livestock without protective clothing. Anthrax can be consumed through infected meat, but veterinarians say that isn't a concern in developed nations.


Source:  Associated Press


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