Author Aims to Help Farm Families Solve Problems, Endure Crises


by John Maday, Editor, Bovine Veterinarian 

An upcoming audio book titled “Tough times never last, tough farmers do,” by Mark Andrew Junkin, will provide guidance for farm families, helping work together to develop strategic solutions and avoid the conflicts that can destroy families and their businesses.

The book, which will launch on November 15, is the fourth book from Junkin, who works as a third-party consultant and mediator for farm families and also writes a regular client-relations column for Bovine Veterinarian magazine.

Junkin notes that veterinarians, as trusted advisors to family farms, often find themselves involved in family issues that can determine the viability of the operation and successful transition of management to a new generation of decision makers. Common problems, he says, include older owners who refuse to take advice or implement suggestions from younger family members, families who fail to acknowledge their farm is failing financially and disputes among siblings over the future of the business. An unexpected death in the family, divorce and poor succession planning also can result in disputes that

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Source:  Drovers Cattle Network


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