Barley and Sugar Beet Growers In Billings, MT


The Montana and Wyoming Sugar Beet and Barley Symposium is underway in Billings, Montana.

Growers from across the region have gathered in Billings to hear industry updates from academia and agri-business professionals alike.

The January 12 session was primarily dedicated to the barley industry. Topics like barley varieties, maintaining quality, the malt and brewing industry, disease management and more were covered.

This week the Northern Ag Network’s Russell Nemetz had the opportunity to visit with two of organizers and featured speakers about the 2011 symposium.

Here’s an interview with Dr. Barry Jacobsen with Montana State University.

Here’s an interview with Karen Hertsgaard with North Dakota State University’s Institute of Barley and Malt Sciences.

Here’s an interview with Steve Skaalure with Beta Seed and HCH Seeds.

Here’s an  interview with Luther Markwart with the American Sugar Beet Growers Association.

Here’s an interview with Dan Swartz, a farmer from Ballantine, MT.

 Source: Northern Ag Network

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