Bayer Youth Ag Summit


The Youth Ag-Summit is a week-long event that serves as a forum for young leaders to discuss opportunities, collaborate and find answers and solutions to the question “How do we feed a hungry planet?” 

Young people aged 18–25 who are personally, professionally and academically interested in agriculture, food security, environmental and social stewardship, were invited to submit an essay of 1,500 words on the topic of food insecurity. A total of 1,187 essays from 95 different countries were submitted; all of which were reviewed by a panel of industry experts. The ability to demonstrate original ideas and passion was one of the key selection criteria for the Youth Ag-Summit. 

This year’s winning applicants, which are shown below, focused their essay submissions on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role of youth in helping to feed a growing world population. Ideas put forward related to improving education and awareness of best practices, increasing gender equality within the sector, changing consumption patterns, and mitigating the impact of climate change on crop yield, to name a few. 

Anna Gomes was a delegate at the 2017 summit and discussed her passion for agriculture with Northern Ag Network. 

Northern Ag Network and Bayer 2018

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