BLM Grazing Decision in Crosshairs of MT Stockgrowers Association and MT Attorney General

by Andy Schwab

Breaking just this morning, MT Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) announced they are filing an appeal on the BLM’s final decision regarding APR grazing allotments. In partnership with North and South Phillips Grazing Districts and under the counsel of the Budd-Falen Law Offices, LLC, MSGA appealed the recent decision and requested a stay on this decision.

“Although we have filed the appeal, we still have a long road ahead. We are asking everyone who is concerned about BLM’s favorable decision towards the APR and who is passionate about public land grazing, holding federal agencies accountable, and protecting and conserving Montana’s iconic open spaces to please consider donating to our advocacy fund,” asked Jim Steinbeisser, MSGA President. “We are fighting for all Montana ranchers, our rural communities, and for the legacy of ranching in the American West.”

Donations can be made at The MSGA Advocacy Fund allows for a collective voice for cattle ranchers advocating for change and accountability at the state and federal levels.

MSGA’s Advocacy Fund supports issues like promoting the benefits of cattle grazing, protecting cattle grazing on public lands, and holding state and federal agencies accountable.

MSGA was not the only ones shaking up the news with this decision.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen asked the U.S. Department of the Interior Office of Hearings and Appeals to overturn the decision and issue a stay until the appeal is resolved to prevent irreparable harm to the grazing allotments and surrounding communities.

Knudsen noted, BLM’s decision violates the Taylor Grazing Act, Federal Land Policy and Management Act, and the Public Rangelands Improvement Act, which all aim to improve public range lands and uplift ranching communities. Conservation bison grazing would directly undermine these legislative goals.

Additionally, Knudsen said BLM’s process in issuing its decision ignored numerous concerns and legal deficiencies raised by commenters and violated the Administrative Procedure Act and National Environmental Policy Act.


MSGA/ MT Attorney General Austin Knudsen – 2022

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