Branding at the Crown W Ranch



(Photo of men around downed horse in corral)


When frontier photographer Evelyn Cameron took this photo there was lots going on. In her diaries, which are also part of the Montana Historical Society collection, she describes “ponies caught by holding rope out, pony running around, jumps into it, and it is pulled down.” But her biggest problem might have been the bright sun which made for a quick exposure.

In his book, “The Plainsmen of the Yellowstone: A History of the Yellowstone Basin”, author Mark Herbert Brown spoke about J.H. Price, the owner of the Crown W ranch, located near Knowlton, MT.  

Price was a resettled Englishman who had been a professor at a college in Oxford and was well known for raising fine polo ponies.  He always wore a monocle and was reported to never swear. 

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MHS Photo Archives PAC 90-87.G004-018

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