Bringing Livestock Into Wyoming?


Cases of Vesicular Stomatitis have led to tighter restrictions for incoming cattle.

The following is a press release from the Wyoming Livestock Board:

Wyoming State Veterinarian, Dr. Jim Logan, announced on July 18 that, due to cases of Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) recently found in Colorado and Texas, the Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB) is now requiring that all livestock imported from any state where the disease has been diagnosed must be accompanied by a health certificate written within 10 days prior to entry into the state. Livestock animals include horses, cattle, sheep, goats and swine.

Ordinarily, a health certificate is required within 30 days of importation. Logan said the 10-day requirement will remain in place until further notice. In addition, the health certificates need to include a statement from the issuing accredited veterinarian that the animal(s) have been visually examined, show no signs of infection, and have not been exposed to any VS-infected animals.

Vesicular Stomatitis is a serious concern to the Wyoming livestock industry. It is a viral disease that is primarily transmitted by biting insects and direct contact with infected animals. Signs of VS include vesicular (blister-like) lesions and erosions in the mouth and on the lips, muzzle, udder, genitals and coronary band of the hoof/foot. Oral lesions cause excessive salivation and a foul odor, and affected animals will become anorectic and lose condition.

Diagnosis of the disease must be reported to the state veterinarian. When the disease is found, affected livestock are placed under quarantine and movement restrictions.

For more information regarding state import requirements, contact the WLSB at 307-777-7515. More information on VS or other reportable diseases can be obtained by calling WLSB staff veterinarians, Dr. Jim Logan and Dr. Thach Winslow, at 307-857-4140, or Dr. Bob Meyer, at 307-777-6440.


Source:  Wyoming Livestock Board

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