Calf and Yearling Markets Sizzle in October


The following is portion of an article from Drovers CattleNetwork:

by Greg Henderson, Editor, Associate Publisher

Calf and yearling prices continue a fall rally that has prices challenging record highs.

According a monthly analysis of USDA reported auction prices conducted by Drovers/CattleNetwork, strong demand and limited supplies continued to push calf and yearling prices higher during October. Steer and heifer calves sold $4 to $6 higher this month, while yearlings sold $2 to $4 higher, according to average prices in our 50-market auction summary.

Steer calves weighing 400 to 500 pounds saw average bids of $145.26 per hundredweight, $6.06 higher than September. Yearling steers weighing 600 to 700 pounds increased $2.57 per hundredweight to average $129.06.

Heifer calves sold for an average of $130.45 per hundredweight, a gain of $4.31. Yearling heifers weighing more than 600 pounds saw average bids of $117.89 per hundredweight, an increase of $3.17. Prices for all classes of cattle are 18 to 20 percent higher than last year.

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Source:  Drovers CattleNetwork

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