Canada Plans Single National Traceability System


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by Lisa M. Keefe

Canada plans to build a single, national livestock traceability system called the Canadian Agri-Traceability Services (CATS), with investment from the national government.

CATS will bring together the combined experience of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) and Agri-Tracabilite Quebec (ATQ). Once established, CATS — which will be independent of the government, CCIA or ATQ — will provide traceability data services for its two originating organizations and other stakeholders.

The Harper Government of Canada is providing $500,000 to create the single data system and $265,000 to help the CCIA and ATQ improve their data management capabilities. The investment is being made through the Government’s Canadian Industry Traceability Infrastructure Program, which supports the development of industry-led systems that collect and verify identification and movement data, and that accelerate and increase industry’s tracking and tracing capacity. This program is part of the Canadian Integrated Food Safety Initiative.

Canada is a major competitor to the United States in exports, particularly to Asia, where traceability of meat products back to the producer is becoming increasingly popular.



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