Canadian Beef Checkoff to Double


(AgWeb) By the end of 2018 all cattle producers in Canada will pay a national C$2.50 beef checkoff per animal sold. Previously the Canadian Beef Cattle Checkoff was C$1 per animal marketed and it had been at that pricing since 2002.

Similar to the beef checkoff in the U.S., funding goes towards research and marketing of beef.

Currently, the national beef checkoff in Canada generates an estimated C$7.5 million (US$6.04 million) annually. The increase to C$2.50 would bring the annual checkoff revenue to C$18.75 (US$15.09 million).

The increase to the beef checkoff in Canada was set in motion in 2014 when a document called the National Beef Strategy was developed by beef industry leaders from various organizations.

“It lays out a collaborative business plan to use combinations of research, marketing and promotion, policy development and stakeholder engagement to increase production efficiencies, reduce cost disadvantages compared to main competitors, increase carcass cutout values, enhance synergies within industry and connect positively with consumers, the public, government, and partner industries,” writes Bryan Thiessen, Chair of the Beef Cattle Research Council and manager of Namaka Farms near Strathmore, Alberta.

With fewer cattle and inflation, Canadian cattle producers recognized a change was needed to help fund need research and marketing that will help get beef to consumers around the globe.

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Picture: Canadian Beef Cattle Checkoff

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