Cattle Industry Meeting Wraps Up with Policy Priorities


DENVER (July 16, 2016) – Over 700 cattlemen and women attended the Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting in Denver, Colo., this week to discuss the policy priorities for the cattle industry.

“It was a great week in Denver for the cattle industry,” said Tracy Brunner, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association president. “This week showcased how the industry comes together to tackle critical issues like market volatility, expanding international markets, and the increasing federal regulations we see out of Washington, D.C.”

International trade remains a top priority for the cattle industry, including the necessary passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“Trade is a critical component of the cattle industry’s profitability, and expanding exports through current and future trade agreements like TPP hold tremendous potential for our producers,” said Brunner. “TPP will immediately reduce tariffs and level the playing field for U.S. beef exports to these growing markets. TPP is a major win not only for the beef industry, but for all U.S. export products, growing the economy while supporting jobs and investments in agriculture and technology.”

As market volatility continues to threaten the effectiveness of the futures markets, NCBA is committed to working directly with the CME group to find a solution.

“Market volatility, driven by high frequency trading, has been a major concern for producers across the country,” said Brunner. “The NCBA CME working group had the opportunity to meet in person this week to discuss these issues. While discussions continue, I am confident that through working with CME, we can resolve these issues to ensure the futures market is a viable tool for risk management.”

NCBA also continues to work with state and federal governments to ensure multiple use on public grazing lands. Ranchers are closest to the land and the best stewards of our natural resources, ensuring productive use, maintaining open space, and mitigating fire hazards. NCBA will continue to ensure these uses are accounted for in future range management plans and wildlife habitat decisions.

The membership reiterated their commitment to repealing EPA’s “waters of the U.S.” rule through litigation and legislation.

“Cattlemen and women from across the country gathered for lively discussion, from government regulations to animal health and food safety,” said Brunner. “Both the annual Summer Business Meeting and the Cattle Industry Convention provide a forum to share knowledge and renergize our industry as we work together to address the challenges that lay ahead. We look forward to continuing these discussions in Nashville in February.”  




Source:  National Cattlemen's Beef Association



photo credits: National Cattlemen's Beef Association

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