Cattle Prices Remain Above 5-Year Average


The following article is the latest market report from Winter Livestock in Enid, Oklahoma:

What a great market we have, and a great country to live in!  At what time in history can a market drop $10.00 to $15.00 a hundred and still be $40.00 higher than the last five years?  We have ample moisture in many places, grass season coming on and more people to feed than ever.  Grain production is outstanding, and interest rates sure seem low enough to make some use of the money.

The power of the media shouldn’t be in doubt!  Elections, markets, legislation, courts of law, schools, churches and just about anything done outside of a locked vault seems to be affected by it if it has to do with human beings.  Privacy is apparently a thing of the past, and keeping ones opinion to oneself is no longer good etiquette.  Whether true or false, information in today’s world is very susceptible to public opinion!

Perception, rather than reality, seems to be the norm anymore.  Some folks call grass pasture while others think it’s a salad, or another universe! Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone sees every situation different.  Stepping on an ant may not mean very much to some folks, but it sure makes a difference to that ant!

There has been much news on hamburgers and how they’re made lately.  The common vision of a hamburger is made from beef, but apparently there are such things as tofu burgers, soy burgers, vegi burgers and probably whatever else can be made into a patty.  Knowing what they are all made of might be something that some folks would like to know, but sometimes you don’t always get the answer that you wanted.

We live in a great country where obesity is more of a problem than starvation, and sanitary conditions are taken for granted.  The food supply has been monitored for many decades and our lifespan is increasing, not decreasing.  We are trillions of dollars in debt, yet our kids and anyone else who shows up at school will get some kind of meal and some kind of education, most of it for free.

Let’s be thankful that we have the opportunity to choose what we eat, where we eat, how we eat, and all the other privileges that come with living in the United States of America!  Nothing and nobody is perfect, but we should all be able to say we are trying to be.

Even with all the events going on the cattle market is great!  $2700.00 pairs, $1700.00 fat cattle, $1000.00 calves and butcher cows and bulls selling near all-time highs are sure nothing to complain about!  We still have billions of people to feed, thousands of cattle to do it with and only hundreds of folks who have the knowledge to handle them!

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Raise some cattle!


Source: Winter Livestock, Enid, OK

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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