Cattlemen’s Beef Board CEO Resigns


According to an article from, “After more than 17 years of committed service to the beef checkoff, the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) Executive Committee yesterday reluctantly accepted Chief Executive Officer Tom Ramey’s resignation, according to a statement issued by Wesley Grau, Chairman of the CBB Executive Committee.”

As Northern Ag Network reported last week, Tom Ramey was one of a handful of CBB staff and leadership that the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association had charged with misconduct earlier this year.  Ramey’s allegations were of eavesdropping to which the CEO admitted he had done on several accounts.  As a remedy to the misconduct, Ramey was required to submit a public written apology specifying the errors in judgment determined by the CBB Executive Committee and a private letter of reprimand.  He was to also be under an employment probation period of six months.  However, at various affiliate meetings including that of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, groups had asked for the resignation of Ramey and others.

For more details, read “NCBA Charges CBB with Misconduct.”

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