Cattlemen’s Beef Board Elects Leadership


The following is a press release from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board:

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board seated new members and elected 2011 officers, as well as members of its Executive Committee and the Beef Promotion Operating Committee, during its annual meeting in Denver Feb. 5.

The Beef Board unanimously elected Arkansas cow-calf producer Tom Jones to serve as 2011 chairman of the Board, with outgoing chairman Dan Dierschke of Texas handing over the gavel as he ended his chairmanship at Saturday’s meeting. New Mexico cow-calf and seedstock producer Wesley Grau was elected vice chairman, and Weldon Wynn, a cow-calf producer from Arkansas, was elected to serve as secretary/treasurer of the Beef Board for the year.

After being appointed by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in November, a total of 40 Board members – including 29 new members and 11 existing members who were appointed to a second term – were seated for service on the Beef Board after taking the oath of office from USDA Marketing Specialist Craig Shackelford during a CBB meeting on Feb. 3.

New members seated and the states they represent include: Eric L. Smith, Ala.; Jimmy Maxey, Calif.; Jim Lefils, Fla.; Don Gurtner, Ind.; Kent Pruismann, Iowa; Brittany Howell and Steve Irsik, Kan.; Julianna Jepson, Ky.; Paul Kent, Minn.; Howard Hardecke and Brenda Black, Mo.; Leo McDonnell, Mont.; Al Davis and David Wright, Neb.; Patty Bikowsky, N.Y.; Woody Barth, N.D.; Pete Guglielmino, Northwest Unit; Davis Denman, Ohio; Brett Morris, Okla.; Pat Venable, Ore.; Vaughn Meyer, S.D.; Linda Crumley, Southeast Unit; Ronnie Yeargin, Tenn.; Chuck Kiker III, Anne Anderson, Anne Wirtz and Jackie Means, Texas; Joe Guthrie, Va.; and Alvin R. Bartz, Wis. The newly appointed member representing importers is Laurie Bryant, Va.

Reappointments and the states they represent include: Weldon Wynn, Ark.; Manuel Rodrigues, Calif.; Andy Wick, Colo.; Dan Hinman, Idaho; Jeanne Harland, Ill.; Will Frazee, Iowa; Paul Kent, Minn.; Brian Healey and Terry Detrick, Okla.; Dan Kniffen, Pa.; and Charles Ezer, Texas.

More information about newly appointed and reappointed Board members is available at CBB Members.


Newly elected Beef Board Chairman Tom Jones was the 2010 vice chairman of the Board and served as its secretary/treasurer in 2009. He is a third-generation farmer and rancher from Pottsville, Ark., where he runs a beef cattle operation with his wife, Jayne. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business from Arkansas Tech University and has served as a board member for the Arkansas Farm Bureau and as a Making American Agriculture Productive and Profitable (MAAPP) Committee member for the American Farm Bureau.

On the Beef Board, Tom has served on the CBB Executive Committee, which he chaired in 2010; the Beef Promotion Operating Committee, which he will chair in 2011; the Joint Advertising Committee, the Joint Issues Management Subcommittee, the Joint Industry Budget Committee, as a CBB representative on the U.S. Meat Export Federation Board, and the CBB Administration Subcommittee, for which he served as vice chair in 2007 and chair in 2008. For a more complete introductory story about the new CBB chairman, visit Tom Jones.

This year’s Beef Board Vice Chairman Wesley Grau is a partner in Grau Charolais Farm and Ranch and also raises wheat. He is the past president of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association, past president of the New Mexico Beef Cattle Performance Association, member of the American International Charolais Association and NCBA, and past president of the New Mexico Wheat Growers Association. He and his wife have three children and five grandchildren.

Wesley has served as chairman of the Joint Producer Communications Committee in 2010, and also has served on the Joint Advertising Committee, the CBB Administration Subcommittee and the CBB Executive Committee.

New Beef Board Secretary/Treasurer Weldon Wynn owns Wynn Beefmaster Farms and Wynn Rice and Soybean Farm. In addition, he and his wife own and operate Wynn Insurance Agency. He is an active member of his community and industry, including service on the board of directors of the Pine Bluff National Bank of Star City; former emcee and judge of the National Beef Cook-Off; National Beef Ambassador judge; past president and active member of the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association; member of the University of Arkansas Animal Science 2000 Advisory Council; past president, treasurer, and fair manager of the Lincoln County Fair, among many others.

On the Beef Board, Weldon has served on the Beef Promotion Operating Committee, the CBB Executive Committee, the Joint Advertising Committee, for which he served as vice chair in 2010, and the Joint Beef Industry Budget Committee.


The 12-member CBB Executive Committee includes the Board’s three officers and eight members elected at large. In addition, the immediate past chair of the Beef Board (Dan Dierschke of Texas) serves on the committee in an advisory capacity.

The CBB elected the following members to its 2011 Executive committee: CBB Vice Chairman Wesley Grau, who will serve as chairman of the Executive Committee; and members Tom Jones (CBB chairman); Weldon Wynn (CBB secretary/treasurer); Laurie Bryant, an importer from Virginia; Jane Clifford of Vermont; Will Frazee of Iowa; Linda Gilbert of South Dakota; Ted Greidanus of California; Dan Hinman of Idaho; Hank Maxey of Virginia; and Daryl Berlier Owen of Texas.

The Executive Committee operates under the direction of and within the policies established by the full Board and is responsible for carrying out Beef Board policies and conducting business and making decisions necessary to administer the terms and provisions of the Act and Order between meetings of the full Board.


The Beef Promotion Operating Committee was createdby the Beef Promotion Research Act to help coordinate state and national Beef Checkoff Programs. The 20-person committee includes 10 members of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, among them the Board’s three officers and seven others elected directly by Beef Board members.

CBB members elected to the 2011 Beef Promotion Operating Committee during the annual meeting in Denver include: Chairman Tom Jones; Vice Chairman Wesley Grau; Secretary/Treasurer Weldon Wynn; Danni Beer of South Dakota; Wayne Buck of Colorado; Joyce Bupp of Pennsylvania; Dan Dierschke of Texas; Chuck Kiker of Texas; Kristy Lage of Nebraska; and John Schafer of Minnesota.

The other 10 members of the committee are representatives of the Federation of State Beef Councils, including the chair and vice chair of the Federation and eight other members elected by state beef councils. Those representatives include Federation Chairman David Dick of Missouri and Vice Chairman Craig Uden of Nebraska; in addition to Sally Angell of Missouri; Jerry Bohn of Kansas; Richard Gebhart of Oklahoma; Cevin Jones of Idaho; Linda Joy Stovall of Texas; Sid Viebrock of Washington; Becky Walth of South Dakota and Jim Wilson of Oregon.

Source:  Cattlemen’s Beef Board

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