Great Falls Tribune reports:


Wheat export giant Columbia Grain has announced it's partnering with Montana Specialty Mills in a deal to enhance both companies’ positions within the growing organic food and organic animal feed markets.

“The new joint venture combines MSM’s (Montana Specialty Mills) expertise in oilseed crushing and mustard processing with the origination and storage capabilities of CGI (Columbia Grain International),” according to last week’s news release.

The agreement was completed earlier in December, and the deal between the two companies was described as a “50/50 partnership” that will eventually allow MSM to expand its operations in northcentral Montana.

The new joint venture will operate under the Montana Specialty Mills name, and the news release from Columbia Grain stated MSM “will construct a new state-of-the-art oilseed crushing facility in Great Falls, and will continue to operate the mustard processing plant located in Conrad.”

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Montana Specialty Mills photo

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