Crump Red Angus – Forever Red Sale


3rd Annual Forever Red Bull Sale 1 pm MST Saturday February, 28, 2015 at Buffalo Livestock in Buffalo, WY

Crump Red Angus Guarantee

Thank you for considering a bull from Crump Red Angus! We appreciate your interest in our program.

Click HERE to view the sale catalog. 

  • Bulls will be fed for free until April 1. Delivery will be made near that date.
  • All bulls are 100{18648621dc58566f60964eb5074c58f5f97501fe95033d5d25ee4862e704a74a} guaranteed for soundness and fertility for the first breeding season. 100{18648621dc58566f60964eb5074c58f5f97501fe95033d5d25ee4862e704a74a} guaranteed means that you are 100{18648621dc58566f60964eb5074c58f5f97501fe95033d5d25ee4862e704a74a} satisfied. If for some reason you are not satisfied, arrangements will be made to deliver a back-up bull as soon as possible if available. If there is not a back-up bull available, the full cost of the bull minus salvage value will be reimbursed and we will assist you in finding another bull. The first breeding season is considered to end October 1 of the year the bull is purchased.
  • All bulls have tested negative for BVD-PI and will have passed a breeding soundness exam and fertility test prior to delivery.
  • Payment in full is expected prior to delivery.  Your satisfaction is our future. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you!
  • $150 will be deducted from price of the bull if taken home on sale day.

Join Crump Red Angus for a complementary lunch at 11:30 before the sale!

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