Dept. of Livestock Waiving Some Requirements for Livestock Movement


Due to the extensive wildfires across the state, Governor Bullock, at our request, has issued an executive directive for Montana Department of Livestock to waive certain statutory requirements relative to livestock movement.


MDOL staff will make the following changes for livestock moving due to wildfires: 

1. MDOL staff are to waive brand inspection and permit fees. 
2. A special, 24-hour telephone “Emergency Transportation Permit” is available by calling (406) 444-2976. 
3. These permits are for INTRASTATE movements only – animals may not leave the state on these permits.
4. Animals must be inspected as soon as possible at the destination (maximum 48 hours after arrival).

If possible, inspections should be completed by MDOL staff.


Visit the Montana Department of Livestock online for more by click here. 

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