Developing a Secure Sheep and Wool Plan


The American Sheep Industry Association has initiated a project to develop a Secure Sheep and Wool Supply Plan for Business Continuity in a Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak, working with the Center for Food Security and Public Health (CFSPH) at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine to develop this plan.

The sheep industry is a diverse industry producing quality meat, milk and wool products under a variety of management and environmental conditions. The Secure Sheep and Wool Supply Plan will focus on business continuity in the event of a foot and mouth disease outbreak. FMD is the most highly contagious disease of livestock and affects domestic cloven-hoofed animals (cattle, swine, sheep and goats) and many wild animals (deer, bison, pronghorn antelope and feral swine).

“The industry looks forward to working on this important project with Iowa State’s Center for Food Security and Public Health,” said ASI President Benny Cox of Texas. “I’m pleased that the sheep industry’s volunteer leaders have joined with stakeholder and review groups to provide valuable input in this process. ASI is funding the project because it is important for livestock industries to address emergency situations – such as a disease outbreak – before the need arises.”

The CFSPH has substantial experience in developing secure supply plans for livestock industries. The center was instrumental in the development of the Secure Beef, Secure Pork, Secure Milk and Secure Poultry supply plans. The poultry, beef, milk and pork industries have worked collaboratively with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, state animal officials and academia to develop business continuity plans for their industries. The Secure Sheep and Wool Supply Plan will be consistent with the USDA’s FMD response goals and other secure food supply plans to maintain business continuity for sheep and wool producers (whose animals are not infected with FMD) and processors and to provide a safe, continuous supply of lamb, mutton and wool for consumers.

ASI and the CFSPH are in the process of establishing a working group involving representatives of all phases of the sheep and wool industries, disease and sheep production experts as well as federal, state and tribal officials.

More information on current secure food supply plans can be found at and at


American Sheep Industry Association

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