E15 Fuel Expected to Hit Market this Summer


by Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter

OMAHA (DTN) — The EPA took an important step Monday in moving E15 to market, as the agency announced approval of the first applications for registration of ethanol for use in producing the 15{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} blend of the gasoline, according to a news release from EPA.

For more than 30 years, federal law limited ethanol blends of 10{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} in gasoline. The E15 registration allows for the fuel’s production, sale and use in model year 2001 and newer gasoline-fueled cars and light trucks.

The expansion of the ethanol market to E15 can help expand farmer markets for corn, the primary feedstock used to produce ethanol in the U.S. In addition, the future of a cellulosic ethanol industry will depend on the ability to expand the overall ethanol market. Cellulosic ethanol can be produced with corn stover, switchgrass and other materials, to provide potential new markets for farmers.

“Today’s action follows an extensive technical review required by law,” an EPA release said.

“Registration is a prerequisite to introducing E15 into the marketplace. Before it can be sold, manufactures must first take additional measures to help ensure retail stations and other gasoline distributors understand and implement labeling rules and other E15-related requirements. EPA is not requiring the use or sale of E15.”

The news was lauded by two of the industry’s largest interest groups, Growth Energy and the Renewable Fuels Association.

“Our nation needs E15 to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said Tom Buis, chief executive officer of Growth Energy. “It will keep gas prices down at the pump and help to end the extreme fluctuations in gas prices caused by our reliance on fuel from unstable parts of the world. Today’s announcement from EPA finally puts that goal within reach.”

Bob Dinneen, president and chief executive officer of the RFA, said in a statement that the EPA announcement “clears yet another major hurdle” in bringing E15 to market.

“States in the Midwest have begun to address their regulatory requirements, and perhaps as early as summer we could see E15 at fuels stations in the heartland of America,” he said. “The future for consumers, ethanol producers and this country has just gotten a little brighter, a little stronger.”

For more information on EPA’s work with E15, visit http://1.usa.gov/….


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Posted with DTN Permission by Haylie Shipp


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