Ear Tags that Light Up to Identify Sick Cattle


A Nebraska company has developed a patent-pending device inserted in the animal’s ear and attached with a small staple. The device contains an LED light that lights up to identify the animal.

Data combining ear canal temperature with movement is transmitted from the animal’s ear to a base station where signs of illness can be identified in ways that visual inspection might not catch.

“Animals treat people as predators and hide symptoms,” Visal Singh, developer of the ear tag device, said. “We’re starting to see that not only can we tell the difference between sick and not sick, but also identify specific illnesses.”

The Veterinary Feed Directive will make it more important to get accurate diagnosis and will require the administration of certain antibiotics under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

“A veterinarian has to diagnose and write a prescription,” Singh said. “We can transmit symptom data and allow the veterinarian to diagnose and prescribe remotely. It’s more or less telemedicine for cattle.”


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Source:  Silicon Prairie News




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