According to an article by Media Trackers posted on the Flint Report, big-money environmental groups, with the backing of billionaire activists, have been busy influencing the Montana BLM on land management policy.

Memos obtained by Media Trackers from the heads of several Montana “green” groups sent to the BLM during the agency’s public input period in 2013, show that many proposals in the new HiLine District plan are ideas which have been actively promoted by these same environmentalist groups.

The BLM has announced that it is considering unilateral action to bestow de-facto wilderness status or “having wilderness characteristics” status, on hundreds of thousands of acres of public land across the state. 

The news opened a new front in the battle between conservative multiple-use advocates and left-wing radical environmentalists which has been raging for years in Big Sky Country.

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Source:  The Flint Report

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