EPA Administrator Testifies Before House Ag


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson testified before the House Ag Committee Thursday.  Jackson addressed some of what she called – mischaracterizations – that EPA is not listening to agriculture. Jackson told the panel; EPA has worked to establish a consistent dialogue with the agriculture community. 

Concerning the “Cow Tax”, the notion that EPA intends to regulate emissions from cows, Jackson said, – EPA is proposing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a responsible, careful manner and we have even exempted agricultural sources from regulation.  As for the claim that EPA is attempting to expand regulation of dust from farms, Jackson said, – we have no plans to do so, but let me be clear, the Clean Air Act passed by Congress mandates that the Agency routinely review the science of various pollutants, including Particulate Matter.

Other highlights from the Administrator’s testimony include: EPA will soon release a framework memo to our regional offices that makes it clear that addressing nitrogen and phosphorus pollution – which is a major problem – is best addressed by the States, through numerous tools, including proven conservation practices.  Also, EPA does not support a “no-spray drift policy. And EPA is on the verge of finalizing an exemption for milk and dairy containers from spill regulations.



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