Equine Herpes Virus Confirmed in Wyoming


The following press release is from the Wyoming Livestock Board:

Wyoming State Veterinarian, Jim Logan, reports that diagnostic tests at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory have confirmed a case of Equine Herpes Virus One neurologic syndrome (EHM) in a horse from Johnson County, Wyoming. The positive horse has been isolated from other horses on the premises and the location is under quarantine. Another horse from the premises has been euthanized due to symptoms of EHV1 and diagnostic tests on that animal are pending.

Dr. Logan reminds horse owners that we have had previous cases of EHV1 neurologic syndrome (EHM) in Wyoming, and that there have been sporadic cases reported nationwide over the past several years. The virus is very common in horse populations and is found wherever horses are located. The virus is also known as Equine Rhinopneumonitis and in addition to causing the neurologic syndrome, it can cause respiratory symptoms, weak foals, and late term abortion in pregnant mares. This is not an uncommon disease, and is not a new disease.

The current case is not related to the Ogden, Utah cutting horse event, and is a totally separate incident. It is important for all horse owners to remain vigilant of their horses’ health and to follow good husbandry, sanitation, and biosecurity practices. At this time there is little reason to cancel events or restrict movement of horses other than those under quarantine since this appears to be an isolated incident.

Source:  Wyoming Livestock Board

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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