Ever Seen a 5-Mile Line at the Stockyards?


With a decision of buying expensive hay or selling some cattle, many producers in Oklahoma are heading to town with their stock trailers.  There has been talk of a reported “five-mile line” of trucks and trailers recently waiting to unload at the Elk City Livestock Auction.  While five miles could be a bit of a stretch, this photo, taken by Dayva Spitzer of the Sayre Record & Beckham County Democrat shows the reality of the situation.

Emma Misener, who is the custom harvester that’s been giving us weekly updates this year, is from Elk City herself.

She told us more about the dire drought situation in Oklahoma.

According to an article from News OK, Oklahoma cow and bull sales have increased by 15{e7e4ba4d9a3c939171d79cae1e3a0df1d41e5a91c3c4158fbb92284b490bc9d3} from last year.  They report that co-owner of the Elk City Livestock Auction, Charles Hickey, says that calves are also being sold younger this year and that the extreme volume of sales could very likely amp up the price of replacement cattle when the drought is over.


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Haylie Shipp


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