Ever Wish FSA Programs Were More Simple?


The U.S. Department of Agriculture is asking for public comment as it reviews existing program rules to determine whether any should be modified, streamlined, clarified, or repealed to improve access to USDA programs. The intent is to minimize burdens on individuals, businesses and communities attempting to access programs that promote economic growth, create jobs, and protect the health and safety of the American people. The review was directed by President Obama.

USDA initially intends to focus on Rural Development, the Risk Management Agency, the Farm Service Agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Food Safety and Inspection Service. The Department is particularly interested in hearing from the public concerning areas where USDA can simplify and reduce the reporting burden for entry and access to USDA programs, while reducing its administrative and operating costs by sharing similar data across participating agencies.

USDA is seeking input from the public through May 20, 2011. Those interested in offering comments are asked to provide them at www.regulations.gov. All comments received will be considered as USDA reviews its existing rules.


Posted by Haylie Shipp


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