Farm Bureau applauds signing of the National Biotech Disclosure into Law


The Montana Farm Bureau is pleased that President Obama has signed the National Biotech Disclosure bill into law.

“This bill will prevent the state-by-state patchwork of laws that would have been harmful and confusing to consumers and incredibly onerous to implement,” said Montana Farm Bureau President Bob Hanson. “We recognize how important, safe and prevalent bio-engineered food are. A recent study by the National Academies of Science confirmed what farmers, scientists and educated consumers have known all along: genetically engineered crops are safe and beneficial to agriculture, human health and the environment.”

Although Farm Bureau would have preferred the labeling standards to be voluntary, this nationwide standard will at least provide a uniform standard which will be less confusing to everyone.

“This will provide a national disclosure system that will have balanced, accurate information for consumers,” said Hanson. “We especially want to thank Senator Steve Daines and Representative Ryan Zinke for their work and approval of this bill in the Senate and House.”

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall noted, “For decades, biotechnology has made it possible for farmers to grow safe and healthful crops while reducing their environmental impact. We are pleased that Congress and the administration have moved swiftly to prevent consumer confusion and protect agricultural innovation.”



Source:  Montana Farm Bureau Federation

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