Fast-Talking Huntley Teenager


For most teenagers, a typical day is going to school, playing on social media and eating. But for Connor Cook from Huntley, he’s not your ordinary teenager.

It’s not just something you go and do. It’s something you have to work hard at and practice with” says Connor Cook.


He knew from an early age he wanted to be a livestock auctioneer.


Cook says “My uncle Joe Cook when I was four or five built me a little auction block. I had all my toy cows and stuff and want more every Christmas.”


Now 13, he’s moved from selling his toy livestock to real sheep at the Public Auction Yards in Billings.


“It’s fun and you get to meet lots of people doing it and its just lots of fun” says Cook.


His great grandfather Pat Goggins was one of the best livestock auctioneers in the industry and Connor hopes to leave his own mark with lots of practice.


Cook says “It’s just doing bid catches and all that. Getting your voice to be trained to go fast and slow and develop your own pace.”


Even though he’s only in Junior High, he’s already looking ahead to a career in the livestock industry.


“Probably auctioneer quite a bit. Like I said, raise some of my own cattle like club calves and raise some Angus heifers to sell” says Cook.


When Connor isn’t on the auction block he likes playing football and participating in National Junior Angus Association activities.


There’s no question that the livestock industry runs thick thru Connor Cook’s blood and it’s exciting to see another young person excited about having a future in the Agriculture industry.

Source: Russell Nemetz-MTN News/Northern Ag Network

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