Federal GMO Labeling Bill Passes in the House


The Montana Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) is pleased the Roberts-Stabenow compromise biotech labeling bill has passed the House and is now on its way to be signed into law by President Obama. This law will provide consumers with information to make informed purchasing decisions while giving food processors the ability to conform to a uniform standard across the board.

“We reiterate that although this bill isn’t ideal, it is a way to halt the patchwork of labeling requirements that would have hurt small processors and farmers,” noted MFBF President Bob Hanson. “Now that this bill has passed Congress, we hope to see it quickly signed by the president and put into action so the Vermont law can be stopped and we can get on track to moving forward.”

Farm Bureau thanks Representative Ryan Zinke for his support of the bill, as well as being the co-sponsor of HR 1559 which was introduced last year to address the labeling issue.

“The issue of biotech labeling has been a long and complicated one. We appreciate Congressman Zinke’s continued support of Montana’s farmers and ranchers and the sound science of biotechnology,” noted Nicole Rolf, director of national affairs, MFBF. “His vote in favor of the Roberts/Stabenow compromise bill will get us one step closer to preventing a state-by-state patchwork of confusing and unnecessary labeling laws, which is good for consumers and farmers alike.  The members of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation sincerely appreciate his efforts.”


AFBF President Zippy Duvall on Passage of GMO Disclosure Legislation in the House

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 14, 2016 – “Today’s House passage of GMO disclosure legislation means we now begin the work of putting in place a uniform, national labeling system that will provide balanced, accurate information to consumers. Genetically engineered crops have a decades-long track record of safety and benefits for agricultural productivity and our environment. This legislation helps to continue those benefits by avoiding the confusion of differing and potentially misleading labeling standards from state to state. The next stop is the president’s desk. We are pleased that Congress has moved quickly to finish the job.”



Source:  Montana Farm Bureau Federation and American Farm Bureau Federation



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